A graduate of Bachelors Science in Physical Therapy BSc PT from the University at Buffalo, Jill Werner is a Neuro Physiotherapist with over two decades of experience working in both private practice and health care settings. She holds dual citizenship and is licensed to practice in Canada, California and New York. Jill is highly skilled in Concussion, Brain Injury, Parkinson’s and Stroke rehabilitation. With the recent increase in concussions, this skill set is critically transferred to the prevention and recovery of athletes of all levels.

She ran her own private Physical Therapy Corporation from 2012-2018, providing patients private treatment in their homes using advanced neuro-therapy skills. Jill has also worked closely with top doctors from UCLA and Cedars Sinai, working at Cedars Sinai for three years in the Inpatient Acute Rehab Department in Beverly Hills. Throughout her career, Jill has successfully treated many high profile actors, musicians, athletes, and executives. She is often asked to travel significant distances to provide her sought after services.

As a Physiotherapist, she provides individualized, comprehensive, one to one care to her patients. Often the challenging patients who require severe attention had given up on expecting progress in their function but with Jill's training and applications, these patients were able to make massive gains.

In recognition of her success, Jill received the Physical Therapy Alumni Association Award for Clinical Performance.

Continuing Education Courses

• PWR Moves Certified Therapist for Parkinson’s
• Physical Therapy Examination and Treatment for Breast Cancer Survivors
• ACSM/ACS Certified Cancer Exercise Trainer (CET)
• Guiding the Clinical PT Into A New Role as Researcher & Foundation Funding for Post-Professional

Study: Options and Guidelines

• YAS Instructor Program for Yoga and Spinning
• Power Pilates Beginner Mat Certification
• Neuro-IFRAH™ Instructor Program
• Neuro-IFRAH™ Advanced Upper Extremity Course
• Neuro-IFRAH™ Advanced Hand Function/Fine Motor Control Course
• Teaching Transitional Movements: Working With Stroke And Brain Injuries
• NDT/Bobath Treatment Of Adults With Hemiplegia
• NDT/Intro Course In The Treatment Of Adults With Hemiplegia
• Spinal Cord Injury From Street To Street
• Bobath Concept: Principles Of Postural Control As A Basis For Functional Movement
• Handling Techniques For Clients Following Stroke Or Brain Injury
• 2nd Annual Stroke Rehabilitation Symposium: Return To The Community After Stroke
• Postural Set: Foundation Of Movement Following Brain Injury
• Canadian Seating And Mobility Conference
• Being In Balance, Theraball Strategies In Therapy
• Current Concepts In The Clinical Management Of Shoulder Pathology
• Current Concepts In The Clinical Management Of Spine Pathology
• 26th Annual Thoracic Refresher Conference